Get your products into every corner of the world - now.

For life science tools manufacturers, BioBM is has made finding well-matched global distribution easier and cheaper than ever. Just pick your desired countries, tell us the fields into which your products fall, and you're handed a list of relevant laboratory products distributors who match your criteria. It's that simple.

Over 2,300 distributors and counting!

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Why Use Nexus?

Finding distributors is tedious and time-consuming. But that isn't what is most important. What is most important is the quality of your distributor search, and that's where Nexus really adds value.

The difference between partnering with a "good enough" distributor and an excellent distributor could easily be tens of thousands of dollars per year - perhaps even more in large markets! If you search using standard methods, you will probably only find a small subset of distributors and therefore won't know what all your options are. If you're not aware of all of the relevant distributors, you could easily miss a truly great match. With Nexus, you have all your relevant options in front of you. You can vet all of your options to ensure that you find that great match which will make all the difference.


Here's a list of our most commonly asked questions.

Q. Where do you find the distributors?

BioBM has a directory of over 2300 global life science distributors. This number is as of December 2013, so it's probably grown a bit by now. This directory is actively and manually curated - there's no low-quality automated harvesting of company info. All distributor info is gathered by a human. Mostly by Rochelle (thanks, Rochelle!).

Q. How is the list generated?

When you start the process (in other words, when you click the bright and shiny "Get Started button" above) you're asked to fill out a form. We then search our directory to find distributors which match your criteria. The information in the entry is verified to ensure that it's still current and correct, and once it's verified we generate your list. You'll be notified how many distributors meet your criteria

Q. What information will be in the list?

Company name, website, address, phone number, and company email address. A small percentage of companies do not publicly list either phone numbers or email addresses, so occasionally an entry may have only one method of contact. That said, we do try to get this information even if it is not listed directly on their website, and we'll do so again when we're verifying the information during your list output.

Q. How much does it cost?

The cost for your output is $175 + $25 per distributor. When you provide the specifications for your search, we'll review our directory and let you know how many distributors match your criteria, which will determine the price of the list.

Q. A lot of distributors matched my criteria. Can I order a partial list?

Not a problem!

Q. If I would like to request a second export from the same list, do I have to pay the $175 fee again?

No. Subsequent exports from the same list costs just $50 + $25 per distributor listing, so long as the request is placed within six months of when your list was initially generated.

Q. I have a special request. Can you do things differently for me?

We can accommodate many special requests, such as obtaining names and / or contact information for targeted individuals at distributors or providing the output in a specific format. Please email to see if we can accommodate your request and if it will effect pricing.

Q. Do you contact the distributors in advance to ensure they want to distribute our products?

No, we only provide the list such that you may contact them. If you are interested in full-service distributor partnering, please contact BioBM at

Q. I represent a distributor of life science laboratory products and I would like to ensure my company is included in the directory. How can I do so?

We probably already have you listed, but you're welcome to send your info to Please include your company name, website, address, company phone, and company email.

If you have more questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at