Understanding is the foundation of great marketing.

Hi. I’m Carlton Hoyt, PhD, founder of BioBM, and I bet we have a lot in common.

Once upon a time, I was a scientist. I worked at the bench with my colleagues to make discoveries which would further our understanding of the biological factors underlying human health. It was difficult, but it was rewarding. Ultimately, however, I had another calling.

I then worked for a company that sold to scientists. We were a smaller company, and I wore a lot of hats – but mostly marketing and sales. I loved the dynamics of a small company, and we grew substantially while I was there, but I wanted to solve bigger problems. I wanted more challenges.

That’s why BioBM is here. I co-founded BioBM in 2010 with my partner Doug Rogers (the “internet ninja”) and we set out to solve the most difficult challenges in life science marketing. We’ve worked with dozens of companies – many of which are small companies in markets with far larger competitors – to help them become commercially successful through improved marketing and distribution.

We’re the agency you turn to when the answer to your marketing problems isn’t “throw more money at it.” We’re the agency you turn to when you’re facing challenging situations that require creative solutions to be successful. And we’re the agency you turn to when you’re looking for marketing to not only help you achieve success, but actually create strategic advantage for your company.

We’re laser focused. We only work with companies that are selling to life scientists. We don’t work with healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies or medical device manufacturers. This intense, exclusive focus means we know your market better than most (or all) of our competitors, enabling us to provide superior solutions to your marketing challenges. We better understand your company, your needs, your markets and your customers, and understanding is the foundation of great marketing.

Seeking better understanding for yourself? We invite you to learn from us.

Director of Campaigns – Zeljislav Petrovic

After completing a BSc in Engineering Management at University of Novi Sad, I transitioned to the world of digital marketing. I have over 5 years of experience in various marketing areas including digital advertising, social media marketing, email marketing & automation, marketing analytics, website development, e-commerce, and ERP/CRM implementation.

I have a rich experience in life science marketing, having also worked with companies such as Laboratory Supply Network and SciExperts.

Today, as a full-stack digital marketer, I help life science businesses plan and implement digital marketing strategies to connect with customers, establish the presence of their brands in digital world, and ultimately grow their businesses.

In addition to my job and profession, in my free time I enjoy traveling and visiting new places, taking pictures and tasting delicious dishes.

Director of Content – Edgard Sayegh, MD

Hi. I’m Edgard Jr. Sayegh, Director of Content of BioBM.

My career as a scientist was pretty brief. Three years of medical laboratory sciences were enough to show me that I belong to the clinical setting, and not the lab. Two years into medical school, Carlton Hoyt – founder of BioBM – Hires me for a small gig. A company based in Boston that sells used lab equipment needed a hand spicing up their website. Like a lot of life sciences companies websites, it was dull, cold, and uninspiring. There’s not much you can do to make a centrifuge more interesting, right?

Well to me, there was. We tend to forget that scientists have feelings. As Director of Content at BioBM, I like to remind clients and their prospective clients that.

  • When we hire BioBM we know the work will be done right and done quickly. ... With Carlton’s help in marketing we more than doubled our sales in a year.
    ClientPresident of a sample preparation equipment manufacturer
  • BioBM’s staff are a pleasure to work with – they are understanding of my needs and very responsive.
    ClientMarketing and sales manager at a small laboratory equipment manufacturer
  • We feel lucky to have BioBM’s help in Marketing.
    ClientVice President of a molecular biology kit manufacturer
  • BioBM is highly responsive and knowledgeable. ... They have the patience to explain things multiple times, the ability to translate into lay persons terms and the intellectual curiosity to stay abreast of developments in SEO and SMM, which is no easy undertaking considering the rapid evolution of these fields.
    ClientVice President at a sample handling equipment manufacturer
  • I really like working with you.
    ClientPresident & CEO of an Assay manufacturer
  • We have been very happy with your work.
    ClientVP of a US-based equipment manufacturer
  • This is wonderful. I’m thrilled. ... I’m so glad I found you.
    ClientDirector of Marketing at a large manufacturer of analytical instruments
  • BioBM has been an excellent resource for me as I get my company off the ground. Many times their recommendations for marketing have been beneficial to my business. I have continued to use their services as my company grows and each time their suggestions are sensitive to my needs for building market awareness while keeping costs reasonable. Using BioBM has helped me out immensely.
    ClientPresident of a life science distributor
  • I’m very impressed. This is a lot more than I was expecting.
    ClientCEO of a life science software developer
  • Thanks for going above-and-beyond.
    ClientFounder & CEO of a molecular biology instrumentation start-up
  • I love what you’ve done.
    ClientExecutive at a developer of research management software
  • This is great. I am really glad I ran into you.
    ClientCEO at a life science data mining company
  • It has been a pleasure working with BioBM. You’ve certainly gathered a lot of data that has helped us to understand our market.
    ClientCEO of a biomaterials company
  • SEO and inbound marketing in general have changed a lot to focus on user experience. BioBM has always shown a great understanding of this and demonstrates a core value of not marketing just to get leads, but marketing so that people want to become your customer.
    ClientSales Manager of a Canadian laboratory instrument manufacturer
  • Thanks for all your professionalism and attention to detail. Nice work!
    ClientPresident of a small, US-based molecular biology equipment manufacturer
  • Working with a scientist like Carlton Hoyt, who knows innately what scientists are on about, is both a relief and a time saver. Coupling his scope of the broad array of life science applications with his talent with words translates to a relevant message that captivates a researcher’s attention!
    ClientCEO of an analytical instrumentation company
  • BioBM’s strategic approach and scientific market understanding make them the perfect fit for our outsourced marketing needs. They are very responsive and able to customize their proposals to provide the most effective marketing solution for our budget.
    ClientDirector of Sales & Marketing at a manufacturer of metabolic instrumentation
  • BioBM is extremely knowledgeable in the complex arena of digital marketing. I highly recommend their work - responsive and smart!
    ClientMarketing Coordinator at an analytical instrumentation company