Search Marketing (SEO & SEM)

Scientists are taking control of their buying journeys.

…and that has serious implications for marketers.

Marketing channels are slowly disappearing. Think about it. Look at the historical trends for email deliverability or open rates. Look at the trends for banner advertising clickthrough. Marketing by interruption has led to efforts by customers to tune it out. Spam filters, blacklists, ad blockers – these are all technologies that are getting ever better at their jobs, and there are new technologies constantly being invented and implemented to cut off marketers’ ability to interrupt. Even when messages do get through, scientists are becoming ever-better at ignoring them.

Face it: there will be a day when you can no longer reach customers via bulk email. That day is going to come, whether it be next year or next decade. As it approaches, however, one thing becomes clear: you can either place yourself firmly in the natural path of the scientists’ buying journeys, or slowly fade away into history with out-dated marketing methods.

One of those options isn’t pleasant. Let’s investigate the other.

In a study conducted by BioBM, almost half of scientists said they turn to search engines first when considering a purchase. All the respondents said they use search at some point in their buying journey. We can be sure of one other thing: search isn’t going anywhere for an extremely long time.

By successfully utilizing search marketing, you can ensure that you’re placing yourself within scientists’ buying journeys. By utilizing BioBM, you can be successful at search marketing.

Stop interrupting. Start getting found.

  • BioBM is highly responsive and knowledgeable ... They have the patience to explain things multiple times, the ability to translate into lay persons terms and the intellectual curiosity to stay abreast of developments in SEO and SMM, which is no easy undertaking considering the rapid evolution of these fields.
    ClientVice President at a sample handling equipment manufacturer
  • SEO and inbound marketing in general have changed a lot to focus on user experience. BioBM has always shown a great understanding of this and demonstrates a core value of not marketing just to get leads, but marketing so that people want to become your customer.
    ClientSales Manager of a Canadian laboratory instrument manufacturer

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