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A great website doesn’t only generate demand.

What should be your website’s primary purpose? Go ahead and take a minute to think about it. We’ll wait …

If you said “lead generation,” you’re thinking too narrowly. Care to take another guess? …

The primary purpose of your website is to deliver value to your customers. A truly great website helps solve your customers’ problems.

Most websites aren’t designed with this in mind. They’re centered around your company and your products and services. Your company, your products, and your services, however, aren’t the ones that your website needs to educate and persuade … so why would you build your website as if you were building it for them?

That’s the critical failure most websites make. They fail to be customer-centric.

Look at it this way: Your website is competing for the customers’ attention with all the other websites out there. If your website isn’t customer-centric and doesn’t focus on solving their problems, they’ll gravitate to others that are. Conversely, if your website helps customers more than those of your competition, you’ll steal customers’ attention and they’ll preferentially engage with you. This means they’ll be spending more time consuming your content, being persuaded to adopt your viewpoints.

We don’t want to make it sound trivial; making a truly customer-centric website is difficult. Not only do your development skills need to be exemplary (after all, we need a website that solves problems, not just looks pretty) but you need a serious familiarity with your specific customers and the marketing acumen to use that understanding to your advantage. BioBM pulls that all together.

Most companies (and agencies) think of websites as something that exists only to generate demand. While that’s an important element of any website, the truly successful ones will create value for their customers as well. Those are the ones that help their companies dominate markets.

Want a website that dominates? Let’s build it.

  • This is wonderful. I’m thrilled. ... I’m so glad I found you.
    ClientDirector of Marketing at a large manufacturer of analytical instruments

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