Scientists have nowhere near enough time to pay attention to all the marketing noise that begs for it. This resource will help you secure a greater share of their attention. After all, you can only win the customers who are paying attention to you.

Targeted Life Science Advertising Platforms

Marketing communications can be divided into two components: crafting the messages and delivering the messages. When it comes to delivering the messages, nothing is more important than being able to target the right audience. If you’re too broad, you’re ROI can suffer massively. If you miss some of your audience, you end up missing out on potential revenue.

There’s not a lot of platforms out there which allow you to define your scientific audience (as opposed to offering a predefined audience) but these platforms do, and if you’re marketing to specific life science niches, then you better know about them.
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Blog Posts

  • We Just Got Skyscrapered

    Just yesterday, we got skyscrapered. No, we didn’t get an office in a giant building or fly an ad from one or anything like that, nor is that some weird pop-culture thing that teenagers are putting on YouTube. We were the target of an attempt at “skyscraper marketing” … and I’m talking about it, so I guess it worked...

    30th Jan 17 | continue reading
  • Why People Are Loyal … to ANYTHING

    I was reading the MarketingCharts newsletter today and saw a headline: “What Brings Website Visitors Back for More?” The data was based on a survey of 1000 people, and they found the top 4 reasons were, in order: 1) They find it valuable 2) It’s easy to use 3) There is no better alternative for the function it serves...

    14th Oct 16 | continue reading
  • Personalization Can Backfire

    Marketers are used to seeing a lot of data showing that improving personalization leads to improved demand generation. The more you tailor your message to the customer, the more relevant that message will be and the more likely the customer will choose your solution. Sounds reasonable, right? In most cases personalization is great, but what those aforementioned studies and...

    7th Mar 16 | continue reading
  • The End Is Not Nigh (now let’s get serious…)

    People love to decry the end of marketing. It’s a good attention-getter. While those who shout about the coming of the end of marketing from their soapboxes are usually guilty of lacking realism or using poor logic, they do make us think about the future and that can be a learning experience. Let’s take an example… Knowledge @ Wharton...

    15th Dec 15 | continue reading
  • If You Don’t Own Your Channels, You Don’t Own Your Audience

    A very telling thing happened in October. YouTube, in preparation to release it’s paid subscription service, Red, told its top content creators that “any ‘partner’ creator who earns a cut of ad revenue but doesn’t agree to sign its revenue share deal for its new YouTube Red $9.99 ad-free subscription will have their videos hidden from public view on...

    7th Dec 15 | continue reading
  • Is Publishing the Holy Grail of Content Marketing?

    There’s a lot of noise coming from some fairly reputable sources extolling the virtues of publishing as the next generation of content marketing (I’m sure you’ll be very familiar with this if you follow the Content Marketing Institute at all). For instance, let’s take a look at a recent article from the Harvard Business Review website – “Content Is...

    3rd Nov 15 | continue reading
  • Wide Nets Don’t Win

    The fear of loss is stronger than the desire for gain. This is a scientific fact. Here’s the first paper that describes it, but there are a lot more which confirm it. It’s known as loss aversion, and it makes both us and our customers irrational. Loss aversion is, for instance, why challenger marketing works so well. Lots of...

    23rd Apr 15 | continue reading
  • Avoiding Skepticism

    The scientific buying journey is fraught with skepticism. From the buyer’s perspective, this is a requirement of a good buying journey. The buyer must decide what to believe and what not to believe, determine what is meaningful and what is not, and refine their understanding of their own needs all while being blasted with marketing messages from companies that...

    19th Feb 15 | continue reading
  • Winning the Battle for Attention

    The most precious and limited resource that life science marketers and salespeople must fight for is undoubtedly money. Everyone is trying to get a piece of those often set-in-stone lab budgets. However, before that battle is an equally important one; one involving a resource that is almost as scarce and becoming scarcer. That battle is for the attention of...

    24th Nov 14 | continue reading
  • The Power of Print

    If the forecast calls for rain, followed by ever-increasing amounts of rain thereafter, what is the end result? Assuming the forecasts are correct, you would have one heck of a flood. That’s what the state of content marketing currently is. It’s a constantly-increasing deluge. We’re flooding our audiences with it, and they don’t have the attention spans to pay...

    16th Oct 14 | continue reading