Demand Generation

Purchasing your products is not a scientist’s goal.

Let’s think about scientists for a minute. What are their goals? … Maybe they’re trying to discover the next blockbuster drug. Maybe they’re trying to understand some burning scientific question. Whatever their goals are, we can be reasonably certain that they did not become scientists to purchase products. The need for a product is a low-order need. The experiment that the product will be used in is even a subordinate need to the ultimate goal.

A product or service is relatively far from the thing that the scientist really cares about. Yet life science companies are trying to create competitive advantage in a manner which is almost entirely product-centric. That doesn’t make any sense.

In order for your products to have a place in the work of scientists, your marketing needs to be customer-centric. You need to change your commercial mindset from asking “How can we sell this?” to “How can we provide value to customers?” Only when you center your focus on your customers will you be able to dominate your marketplace.

BioBM helps companies attract and convert scientists through customer-centric marketing. Charge forward on the path to market domination. Contact us.

  • SEO and inbound marketing in general have changed a lot to focus on user experience. BioBM has always shown a great understanding of this and demonstrates a core value of not marketing just to get leads, but marketing so that people want to become your customer.
    ClientSales Manager of a Canadian laboratory instrument manufacturer

Charge forward on the path to market domination.

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