Graphic Design

Before you can convey a message, you need the audience’s attention.

If I can pick one thing that is the most likely to lose the attention of your audience, it’s trying to convey something by using pages and pages of text. We don’t mean to undervalue the importance of great copy, but there’s only so much any given person wants to read before they get bored. And let’s face it, some of the points you’ll likely need to make to sell scientific products and services are the kinds of lengthy, technical points that jeopardize your hold on scientists’ attention.

By using visual imagery and graphics to tell stories and convey information, you create novelty. You make your point more engaging and concise. You maintain that hold on customers’ attention.

Scientists’ attention is a big part of what you’re fighting for. Almost the entire point of advertising is to get their attention – what lies behind the advertisement certainly has its own purpose, but the ads themselves are just vehicles to try to grab attention. As marketing by interruption becomes less effective, it’s harder to get the attention of scientists with whom you don’t already have a relationship. Ensure that when you do get their attention, you have a firm grip on it.

Scientists’ attention is in high demand. Grab it.

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