Digital is the new real life. Everything is moving into the digital realm. Your marketing must as well. Mastery of digital marketing is no longer an option but a requirement, and this resource will start you on your path to digital domination.

Targeted Life Science Advertising Platforms

Being able to target the right audience is absolutely critical. If you’re too broad, you’re ROI can suffer massively. If you miss some of your audience, you end up missing out on potential revenue.

There’s not a lot of platforms out there which allow YOU to define your scientific audience (as opposed to offering a predefined audience) but these platforms do, and if you’re marketing to specific life science niches, then you better know about them.
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Report: How Decision Engines Will Reshape the Life Science Buying Journey

Let’s face it: scientists’ buying journeys look nothing like they used to. Scientists are taking ownership of more and more of the process and relying less on person-to-person interaction with vendors. A good digital presence can help mitigate some of the deleterious effects of this, but it takes more than that to truly excel. After all, you don’t want to simply adapt to the new normal – you want to use it to build strategic advantage.

The tool you need to use to do so? Decision Engines.

Decision engines aren’t a commonly used tool in life science digital marketing, but while you may not be familiar with them, your competitors likely don’t have a good grasp on them yet either. This report will teach you what a decision engine is and how to use them to influence and occupy more of scientists’ buying journeys.
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Report: Superior Experiences – How Small Life Science Companies Can Out-Compete Large, Established Competition

Entrenched competition can be dug out. Beyond developing superior products, which is largely outside the scope of the marketer, there is one area where newcomers have a potentially sizable advantage over larger, established competition: customer experience. Through the provision of superior customer experiences, market entrants can build brand value at a superior rate to established companies, skewing the odds in their favor by realizing higher rates of customer acquisition and retention.

The magic question is: how? We answer that in this report. If you’re a small company, this is your starter kit for leveraging CX to develop brand advantage. If you’re an established incumbent, consider it advance warning of how your position might be getting undermined. Either way, it’s a must-read.
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Report: Life Science Marketing on a Low Budget

Maybe you’re bootstrapping a life science startup. Maybe your department is facing lean times but you still need to launch a new product. Whatever the situation is, Life Science Marketing on a Low Budget showcases the minimum viable marketing for most products or services to get off the ground and start generating demand and revenues. As you might expect, it relies very heavily on digital marketing.

This isn’t a long-term strategy. This is a stopgap measure to allow you to launch on a shoestring and start making money so you can take the next steps towards success.
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