There’s no such thing as a purely rational purchasing decision. So long as humans are in some part driven by emotion, you’ll be able to win business through branding. While brand may rarely be sufficient to earn a sale, it will certainly turn the tides in your favor. BioBM’s branding resource will help you do just that.

Report: Superior Experiences – How Small Life Science Companies Can Out-Compete Large, Established Competition

Entrenched competition can be dug out. Beyond developing superior products, which is largely outside the scope of the marketer, there is one area where newcomers have a potentially sizable advantage over larger, established competition: customer experience. Through the provision of superior customer experiences, market entrants can build brand value at a superior rate to established companies, skewing the odds in their favor by realizing higher rates of customer acquisition and retention.

The magic question is: how? If you’re a small company, this is your starter kit for leveraging CX to develop brand advantage. If you’re a large company, consider it advance warning of how your brand might be getting undermined. Either way, it’s a must-read.
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Attribute Analysis Template

Products aren’t the only things that you need to position. Your brand needs to be strategically positioned as well. The considerations are the same: your position needs to resonate with customers, it needs to reflect internal priorities, and it needs to consider the position of competitors. That last point is where the attribute analysis comes in.

For your brand’s position to be effective it needs to be differentiated. An attribute analysis analyzes the positioning of competitors and allows you to make an objective, quantitative determination of competitive position so you can ensure that your own is differentiated.

This tool won’t become obsolete, and it’s relevant for positioning of products and services also. So long as the need to position brands and commercial offerings exists, you’ll get use out of it.

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