Scientists are slow to change their loyalties.

…and that’s an opportunity.

If you’ve ever fought for scientists’ business against an entrenched incumbent, you know just how true the above statement is. Once a scientist has something that works for them, they are loath to change. If they aren’t familiar with your company or its offerings, you’re put at a huge disadvantage.

But what if you could have the incumbent advantage?

Here’s the thing… Those scientist loyalties aren’t wholly rational. It’s not always a matter of “the best product wins.” Preferences are created (and destroyed) based on experiences, and the brand that provides the most value – the best experiences – will have the edge on the rest. That brand will be the default selection above which others must prove their worth.

While scientists’ loyalties may not be rational, the act of winning them most certainly is. Creating (or building) a brand requires both creative and rational inputs. It requires an understanding of your company, your customers, and your competitive landscape. It can be a complex and difficult process, but the end result is a competitive advantage which manifests across everything your company does. A strong, lasting brand drives commercial success by making your brand the go-to default in the minds of customers.

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  • This is great. I am really glad I ran into you.
    ClientCEO at a life science data mining company

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