No one is too small to be global.

… but success requires more than reach.

Distribution and marketing have one very important factor in common. There are a lot of partners out there which can help you reach your audience, but winning them over is a different story. Succeeding through distribution isn’t just a matter of building a network that provides excellent geographic coverage. It’s not even a matter of ensuring fit between your company and the distributors you work with. Nor is it just a task of relationship-building. Successful distribution requires far more than any one of those things, and more than all of them put together. It’s an additional link in the value chain that also adds significant complexity and often requires careful management to provide benefit to all stakeholders.

If you’re starting from scratch, BioBM will help you identify and recruit distributors which provide you with the highest chances of success. We will find and screen candidate partners to maximize your potential for long-term success.

Looking to improve the performance of your current channel partners? Improving the value your distribution network provides requires more than just replacing underperforming distributors. Your distribution network is too important for a trial-and-error approach. Sure, we’ll help you replace distributors when necessary, but we’ll also implement practices that will turn more of your distribution partners into star performers.

Ensure your distribution partners don’t just help you reach your target audience, but help you win your customers. Start winning.

  • Thanks for all your professionalism and attention to detail. Nice work!
    ClientPresident of a small, US-based molecular biology equipment manufacturer

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