Marketing Analytics

You can only improve what you understand.

It’s an unfortunate trend that marketers have become obsessed with measuring. Everything these days is measured, often with numerous parameters and many times with multiple tools. The result is data.

When using analytics your goal can not simply be the production of relevant data. Your goal needs to be an improved understanding of your marketing. Too few marketers have their analytics deliver understanding.

The result is that they become overwhelmed by data. It stagnates them. Without knowing how to handle all of it, they revert to focusing on single metrics that don’t tell the whole story. If you’ve ever found yourself asking things like: “How many visitors did we get?” or “How many people downloaded our paper?” then you’re likely a victim of data. Other symptoms include not being able to clearly understand cause and effect and not having a good grasp on ROI.

While your aspirations to improve your marketing are in the right place, without genuine understanding you won’t know what you need to do. You can only improve what you understand.

BioBM provides that understanding. We don’t do so by seeking to tame massive stockpiles of data. We don’t do so by pushing any particular solution (we actually don’t participate in 3rd party affiliate or partner programs at all). We do so by balancing your needs for understanding with both your budget and your bandwidth for information. We do so by ensuring that we’re not producing more information than necessary nor more information than your company can digest. We do so by knowing your business and your customers well enough to provide not just compiled and formatted data, but distilled understanding.

What do you seek to understand? Illuminate it.

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