There are only two reasons why someone won’t buy from you.

When you distill down to the most fundamental reasons why you could lose a sale, there are only two reasons why someone won’t buy from you:

  1. They don’t trust you.
  2. You’re talking to the wrong person.

Positioning is all about ensuring that #2 doesn’t happen. In that sense, it’s half the battle.

Successful positioning requires a lot of understanding and knowledge. You need to know your competition, your potential customers, and of course your product or service. Only when you know all three things and combine them with an understanding of marketing fundamentals will you be able to clearly identify those customers that present real opportunity – those who will find unique value in your offerings – while excluding those which would be a wasted effort.

BioBM combines all of that necessary knowledge and skills. We have in-house PhDs in various life science disciplines who can understand your products, your services, and the needs of your customers. We have extensive experience in the life science tools and services market – it’s all we’ve ever focused on – so we understand your customers and the competitive landscape. Just as importantly, we have the marketing skill set and experience to apply that knowledge to define and carve out the position which provides your company with the greatest opportunity for success.

You need to cut your market like a knife. Be sure to use the sharpest blade around. Contact BioBM and carve out your market.

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