Ethics & Policies

BioBM always strives to maintain the highest level of ethics. We base all of our actions on the following tenets:

  • Clients Come First – In every decision, we always strive to do what is best for the client. We understand that we only succeed when our clients succeed.
  • Win-Win Situations – If we do not think that an arrangement would be successful for both ourselves and our clients or partners, then we will not enter into it.
  • Transparency – We always strive to be as transparent as possible to our clients and business partners.
  • Privacy – We believe that our clients business is just that: their business. We believe that our clients’ brands are not trophies to be waved about. We therefore do not disclose our clients publicly nor discuss their businesses in any way without express consent to do so.
  • Trust – We extend trust to our clients and business partners and strive to earn the trust of our partners by honoring our commitments and acting with integrity.
  • Respect – We treat everyone with respect, regardless of the situation or relationship.

We also have a number of policies to protect our clients and business partners.

Conflict-of-Interest Policies

BioBM recognizes that there are situations in which it cannot in good faith serve two companies that may be in competition with one another. In these instances, we have the obligation to refuse service to one of the companies. BioBM will never provide the same service to direct competitors. (We define “direct competitors” as two companies who generate a substantial amount of their revenues from markets in which their offerings compete with one another.) In the instance that there may be a perceived conflict of interest, such as if 1) different services are to be provided to two direct competitors, 2) the same service is to be provided to two indirect competitors, BioBM will notify both parties and consider all positions before deciding if a conflict of interest exists. Clients are always welcome to inquire as to the nature of our present book of business, and we will respond in a manner which preserves the privacy of all parties.

BioBM Consulting recognizes that it cannot in good faith recommend services provided by companies which are paying us a referral fee, which have remunerated us in any way, or in which we own an equity stake. If BioBM recommends such a service to our clients, we will disclose our relationship with the companies when making the recommendation. Furthermore, any referral fee paid to BioBM due to a client’s business will be credited to that client’s account. (All such credits will be issued on the date of receipt and will expire in six months.)

Confidentiality Policy

BioBM is dedicated to maintaining the trust of its clients, prospective clients, and business partners and recognizes confidentiality as an important part of this. BioBM, its employees, contractors, and any other agents who legally operate under its name will not disclose any nonpublic technical or business information, which is marked as confidential or otherwise communicated under circumstances that would cause one to reasonably conclude it should be treated as confidential, for a period of three years or until the disclosing party releases such information publicly. During this period, disclosure of confidential information will be limited to employees or contractors working under BioBM with a need to know such information to fulfill the duties of BioBM to the disclosing party.

If you have any questions about BioBM’s policies or rules of professional conduct, please contact us.