Product Launches

Don’t make a splash. Start a movement.

Product launches often have a lot in common with firework shows. They make a big splash, they get a lot of attention, and they make some people smile … but then everyone goes home and goes about their lives as if it never happened. Most people don’t think about the firework show even few days later, and within a matter of weeks it’s lost to history. That is not a satisfactory outcome for your product launch.

More often than not, however, that is the outcome. People set goals for big splashes and track their “success” with vanity metrics. That’s not how we do things. We’re not here to create splashes. We’re here to start movements.

A truly successful product launch isn’t a firework show. It is a revolution. It’s something that creates lasting change in your marketplace; change that shapes how people think and act. It has an impact that ripples across your market. It is the start of a movement that isn’t content to fade away into the night but instead gets stronger and larger with time.

… Is it time to start your movement?

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