2011 Life Science Manufacturer-Distributor Relationship Report

2011 Life Science Manufacturer-Distributor Relationship Report

Industry Opinions, Factors Contributing to Distribution Success and Failure, and Potential Opportunities for Improvement

November 2011 | 11 Pages

Distribution is critical to the success of many life science tools manufacturers. BioBM Consulting surveyed 47 manufacturers and 35 distributors of life science tools in order to gauge current opinions on life science distribution relationships. Key questions we set out to answer include:

  • What are the most important factors in the success of manufacturer-distributor relationships?
  • How do life science manufacturers and distributors view each other?
  • How can life science distribution relationships be improved?
  • What are common reasons for failure in life science distribution partnerships?

The results of this survey, which was performed in October 2011, provides independent insights into those questions from a wide range of industry participants and also presents some suggestions on how to improve distribution partnerships.

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