9 Things to Know About SEO

9 Things Every Life Science Marketer
Should Know About SEO

… and How Smaller Companies Can Achieve Big Search Engine Ranks.

May 2013 | 9 Pages

Research which we conducted in 2011 found that almost all scientists considering a purchase perform an internet search to find information at some point in their buying journey, and many of those use search as their first source of information. With so many scientists turning to search engines for product and service information, it is undeniably important for companies to be visible to those scientist-searchers. Search engine optimization (SEO), however, remains a mysterious topic to many life science marketers. While there are many aspects of SEO that should be reserved for experts, there are a number of things that every life science marketer should know about SEO such that they can readily improve search engine rankings through optimized web content. We discuss 9 things that we believe every life science marketer should know. Additionally, at the end of this paper is bonus content on how smaller or younger companies can compete with the big guys and achieve breakthrough SEO results. This goes beyond the more commonly understood on-site SEO into off-site SEO, which is a topic that should not be taken lightly but can provide results far beyond what would otherwise be possible.

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