Life Science Marketing on a Low Budget

Life Science Marketing on a Low Budget

How Start-Ups in the Life Science Tools Sector Can Drive Product Awareness, Sales, and Sustainable Growth on a Limited Budget

August 2011 (updated June 2024) | 13 Pages

Appropriate for start-ups or small companies with highly limited marketing budgets, this primer discusses low-cost, high-ROI marketing for small life science tools companies. The report focuses primarily on the execution of marketing campaigns in ways that minimize cost while maximizing returns in order to create revenue growth on a strictly limited budget. After mentioning strategic areas that should be addressed before executing marketing campaigns, it delves into various highly scalable marketing channels. The paper goes on to discuss which channels are most appropriate and why, considerations for each method, how to build and integrate your marketing channels to capture leads and sales, and finally discusses the costs involved in using the marketing channels discussed. The paper is supported by data and references from reputable external sources.

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