Scientific Conferences Survey Report

Scientific Conferences Survey Report

In the age of hyper-targeted digital marketing, are conference exhibitions still worthwhile?

November 2015 | 16 Pages

Hyper-niche segments of customers are becoming ever more readily reachable. There are an incredible amount of channels and tools at our disposal to reach any particular target audience, so is it really necessary that life science companies spend their precious marketing and sales resources creating conference exhibits, flying staff around the world, and paying conferences for exhibition booths?

The costs are huge. Previous studies have found that B2B companies spend 20% of their marketing budgets on conferences. At the same time, conferences are ranked very highly for both generating leads and driving awareness and are also broadly viewed to be effective. Considering that lead generation is consistently ranked as the top marketing challenge perhaps conferences are still worth the cost after all.

Are conferences really still worth it? Are we over-investing in them at the expense of higher-ROI opportunities? Or perhaps they’re so effective that we almost can’t spend enough. With input from over 50 life science marketing professionals, these are the questions this study answers.

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