Targeted Marketing

The following are a list of websites, communities, advertising service providers, etc. who provide life science marketers with the ability to target highly specific segments of scientists while being generally relevant to many or all research areas. BioBM is not affiliated with any of these companies nor do we accept referral fees from them, although we have advertised through a number of them on behalf of clients.

In order to be on this list, three criteria must be met:

  1. The company must offer the ability to target scientists across a broad range of research areas
  2. The company must offer the ability to target highly specific niches according to the needs of the marketer (as opposed to having pre-set categories)
  3. The company must be focused on advertising; they may not be a marketing agency or provider of other marketing services

If your company has an offering which meets the above criteria and you would like to be included, you are welcome to contact us. Likewise, if you are a marketer and you want to suggest an addition to the list, please let us know!

Last updated: August 28, 2015

Targeted Life Science Marketing Opportunities

CompanyOverviewWebsite + Contact InfoMin. Spend
PubGradeAdvertising network using contextual ad targeting. Ads served across a network of more than 1200 journal websites and other websites (such as antibodypedia).http://www.pubgrade.com/
+49 241-96372530
Free trials available.
ResearchGateScientific social network with 5M+ members, 12M+ monthly visits. Allows advertising to members based on their profile, publications, etc.http://www.researchgate.com/
+49 30 200051020 (Europe)
+1 617-939-9657 (US)
1990 €
QuertleAdvanced literature search engine which provides targeted search advertsing and email marketing. Over 350,000 users and over 2 million queries in 2013.http://www.quertle.com/
Contact Janet Delicata
+1 586-649-3800
(not disclosed)
Reach ScienceEmail service (unsolicited) targeting researchers based on publication mining.http://www.reachscience.com/
+1 408-641-8799
Free trial - 5000 emails
TrendMDNative promotion of content on the websites of scholarly content publishers based on contextual and user behavior targeting. 2M+ monthly unique views, growing at ~5% per week (as of Sept. 2014)http://www.trendmd.com/
Contact Paul Kudlow
+1 416-568-4345
Free trials available.
FactenPlatform for sales prospecting or generation of highly targeted marketing lists (not so much for mass marketing). Mines research literature to understand networks and can suggest new targets based on existing prospects. Subscription-based.https://www.facten.com/
Free trials available. Subscriptions start at 100 € / mo.