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LifeSciPR Relaunched

Association of Commercial Professionals – Life Sciences and BioBM Consulting Announce LifeSciPR, A Press Release Service Specifically for Life Science Tools and Contract Research Organizations.

New Press Release Service will Provide Improved and Lower Cost Distribution to Relevant Channels and is Free During the Beta Release.

Boston, Massachusetts, USA, November 25, 2013 – The Association of Commercial Professionals – Life Sciences and BioBM Consulting have jointly announced the launch of LifeSciPR, a press release distribution service specifically for contract research organizations and suppliers of life science tools. This new press release service will provide greatly improved targeting for those companies who wish to target life scientists in academia, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and related industries, while at the same time providing superior value.

Statement from BioBM Consulting Principal Consultant Carlton Hoyt

Prior to LifeSciPR, life science tools and services companies had to either use untargeted press release distribution channels or piggyback on channels meant for the pharmaceutical or biotech industry. These channels are insufficient at reaching the media channels and audiences that our sector wants to reach. As an agency committed to helping life science tools and services sector better reach their desired audiences, it is a pleasure to collaborate with the ACP-LS to provide a press release distribution solution which addresses the specific needs of companies in our sector.

Statement from ACP-LS President Chuck Drucker

The ACP-LS is committed to providing opportunities to assist commercial professionals in the life sciences, and LifeSciPR is a clear extension and manifestation of that goal. We are enthused that we can offer this resource to the life science community such that they can utilize a press release service designed for them instead of one designed for the companies they sell to.

LifeSciPR is currently in open beta release, during which LifeSciPR will be free to all users within the life science tools and services sector. All interested parties are encouraged to sign up at www.LifeSciPR.com.

About the Association of Commercial Professionals – Life Sciences:
ACP-LS is the premier organization of all life science commercial professionals (sales, marketing, business development, client services, commercial operations, technical support, etc.) dedicated to selling and marketing to organizations that discover, develop, and manufacture pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, medical device, and diagnostic products and therapies.

About BioBM Consulting:
BioBM Consulting is a highly specialized marketing, distribution, and communications agency serving small and mid-sized life science tools and services companies. BioBM excels at maximizing ROI by combining deep industry knowledge with a broad skill set and keen understanding of the needs of smaller companies, enabling us to provide solutions of unmatched value for our clients.

BioBM Launches LifeSciPR

BioBM Consulting, a botique business and marketing consultancy serving life science tools companies, has launched LifeSciPR, a press release site specifically for companies in the life science tools and services sector. LifeSciPR allows all companies in the life science tools sector, as well as public relations agents acting on their behalf, to post press releases free of charge.

While there are many aggregators of general life science news and sites reporting on various life science topics, there are no sites specifically dedicated to the life science research products and services sectors that are both comprehensive and up-to-date,” said Carlton Hoyt, Principal Consultant at BioBM Consulting. “By providing a free platform for all life science tools companies to post releases directly, LifeSciPR will be a comprehensive source for the latest in up-to-date news within the life science tools sector.

Because of the lack of functional press release sites within this highly targeted industry, LifeSciPR will provide companies and PR agents with a unique opportunity to directly speak to relevant communities,” said Douglas Rogers, Director of Internet Services at BioBM Consulting. “We look forward to its adoption and growth. At the same time, we are committed to keeping it free for users and not ruin the viewer experience with advertisements.

LifeSciPR is live and available to use. An RSS feed of the press releases posted to LifeSciPR can be obtained using the following URL: https://biobm.com/press/yadrss/. A feed can also be obtained by following @LifeSciPR on Twitter.