BioBM Launches Subsidiary Management Services

BioBM Consulting has announced the launch of its new Subsidiary Management Services for international life science tools companies looking to establish a United States / North American presence. In conjunction with the launch of this novel service, BioBM Principal Consultant Carlton Hoyt has released the following statement on behalf of the company:

Statement from Principal Consultant Carlton Hoyt

With this new service we will be able to offer our clients excellent access to the U.S. and Canadian life science markets while both ensuring that their North American operations get the attention and high-quality management they deserve and providing services that are readily scalable to dynamically match clients’ needs. This service will allow our international clients to reap the benefits of having a U.S. subsidiary without the need to hire full-time staff. By instead leveraging BioBM’s capabilities, they can take advantage of a broader array of skills and capabilities while simultaneously controlling costs. Furthermore, as we grow this service we will realize significant economies of scale for our clients as well as ourselves, allowing us to provide high-value services at low cost, as is always our goal.

BioBM Consulting is dedicated to providing innovative and valuable services for life science companies, and our new subsidiary management service continues that trend.

Subsidiary management services are available immediately. For more information, see: https://biobm.com/services/subsidiary-management/

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