BioBM Announces Idea Farm

BioBM Consulting has announced the release of it’s new “Idea Farm”. Unlike standard services, the BioBM Idea Farm productizes ideas into discrete, purchasable packages at a pre-defined price. The Idea Farm explains what the idea is, who it would be appropriate for, how it should be implemented, and how it will benefit potential life science companies who would purchase it. To maintain the integrity of the ideas, each will only be sold one time, to one buyer.

To date, most of the ideas are for marketing communications initiatives, although BioBM staff members have acknowledged the possibility that relevant ideas in other areas may be added at a later time.

Principal Consultant Carlton Hoyt gave the following statement about the launch of the idea farm:

Statement from Principal Consultant Carlton Hoyt

I am very proud of the ingenuity and innovation that our marketing communications team has shown. Over time, they have presented me with an interesting problem by proposing far more good ideas than we had a client-driven need for. The Idea Farm will provide a platform for BioBM to promote and monetize this ingenuity while simultaneously allowing customers access to these great ideas at a price point that provides an exceptionally strong value.

To learn more about the BioBM idea farm, please visit: https://biobm.com/idea-farm/

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